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00003 // returns the address of a !!static!!, non-thread-local, buffer with
00004 // the text representation of the SID that was passed in
00005 const TCHAR *sidToText( PSID psid );
00007 // getSecurityPriv() may be used by the caller to enable SE_SECURITY_NAME.
00008 // if this is not done, don't ask for SYSTEM_SECURITY_INFORMATION!
00009 bool getSecurityPriv( void );
00011 // Translates a SID and terminates it with a linefeed. No provision is
00012 // made to dump the SID in textual form if LookupAccountSid() fails.
00013 void printSid( PSID psid );
00015 // Displays the index-th (0-based) ACE from ACL with an indent of _ind_
00016 // spaces; isSacl, if true, causes interpretation as an SACL, else DACL
00017 void printAce( int ind, int isSacl, int index, PACL acl );
00019 // Dumps an entire ACL with an indent of _ind_ spaces; isSacl decides
00020 // whether it will be labeled "SACL" or "DACL"
00021 void printAcl( int ind, bool isSacl, PACL acl );
00023 // printSD() displays an entire SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR with the usual indent.
00024 void printSD( int ind, SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR *psd );

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